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 Hello! New user called techno chicken XD

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Techno Chicken

Techno Chicken

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PostSubject: Hello! New user called techno chicken XD   Sun Feb 21, 2010 5:24 am

Hello everyone I'am Techno chicken.. and i wanted too start mine own server BG like.. im not experience with Any technologic stuff.. but i can setup an repack server but thats just rubish.. I notice that you guys update it and thats just freaking awesome.. ok where shall i start..

Razz yh where must i start too setup me private server and compile and setuping up an private server too make customs and fixes and bugz.. updates of you guys
im no good scripter soo actually useless ass Shit but i got enough time too make and think and learn soo Razz
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Hello! New user called techno chicken XD
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