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 I would like to be a Bug Tester.

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PostSubject: I would like to be a Bug Tester.   Sun Jul 11, 2010 6:58 pm

I would like to be a bug tester. And I mean like.. A BUG TESTER that will really go through the whole db all day, find all the bugs possible, and post them. I'm 16 and I ask to do this freely but I would like to get in touch with one of the mods or someone high ranking in this project, because bugs that I post won't be little sissy error texts that npc's have wrong. I'm talking like spells, talents, mobs, area triggers, item buffs, stuff like that... Please get back to me as I want to see this DB successful as there aren't many that work for 3.3.5 or even 3.3.3. That's my main objective. To see this DB and ArcEmu together working with features like Uld, ToC, VoA, Ony, Icc, BGs, quests, all that mumbo jumbo. I have quite a lot of experience with private servers as I do own one and have a website dedicated to my server so PLEASE respond. Thanks Smile 9sephiroth8
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I would like to be a Bug Tester.
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